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FlowOptimizer – developed to improve material feeding

The uneven material distribution in the flaking chamber is a well-known problem of the state-of-the-art knife ring flaker systems in the market. As a result, the total installed knife length cannot always be used evenly, causing uneven wear of the flaker components responsible for the cutting conditions and flake quality.

The new developed FlowOptimizer solves this problem with using “3D distribution technology,” which ensures the optimum material distribution over both the complete knife ring width (knife length) and also the entire knife ring circumference.

The FlowOptimizer is a special distribution rotor integrated into the flaking chamber. The axially blown-in chips enter the inner chambers of the distribution rotor, are set into rotation, and are then guided via centrifugal forces through the openings at the front and rear of the system, towards the main rotor. This achieves optimum material distribution in the flaking chamber, allowing the uniform use of the total installed knife length.

Exhibitor: Dieffenbacher GmbH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Organizador de feria comercial

Organizador de feria comercial

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